In November 2012, BEOS initiated a new discussion platform for investors and their business partners, which has since been held every two years since: the 'BEOS Thinking Ahead Forum'.
BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead' | 21 September 2018

Advances in technology are leading to the increased “densification” of our living environment. What impact will this have on the real estate industry?

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BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead' | 23 September 2016

The third BEOS Forum focuses on the profound effects of digitization – and on the real estate industry in particular.

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BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead' | 26 September 2014

The second BEOS Forum in September 2014 revolved around mixed-use industrial real estate for Industry 4.0.

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BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead' | 21 November 2012

BEOS marked the company’s 15th anniversary by launching a new series of events with the title BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead'.

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