Raising the true Potential of Unternehmensimmobilien.

Sale-and-lease-back makes it possible to release the equity tied up in real estate. As early as 2002, BEOS specialised in the acquisition and revitalisation of industrial real estate, thereby assuming a pioneering role within the real estate industry.

In adopting this approach, we are satisfying the requirements of industry in delivering increased flexibility and optimising costs. Whereas in the United States only 30 percent of companies own the properties in which they are based, 70 percent of major German companies are owner-occupiers and the figure is even higher in the SME sector. There is clearly still a great deal to be done.

In contrast to traditional leasing, we offer our clients far more than pure financing solutions. We develop bespoke, medium to long-term lease back models, designed especially to address the specific requirements of each individual company. Thanks to these tailored solutions, past clients have been able to

  • increase liquidity for their core businesses,
  • react flexibly to evolving market conditions,
  • optimise business processes,
  • reduce personnel and operating costs,
  • transfer the risk of depreciating property values, and
  • raise the value of their companies.

BEOS has concluded sale-and-lease-back transactions with some of the biggest and best names in German and international industry, including Siemens, Daimler, Mahle, Kodak, BOA, Deutsche Post, Alcatel and many more.