Asset Management

Raising Potential – by Working with the Property.

The compass we as asset manager use to chart our course is not the real estate market, but our tenants’ core business. We analyse their performance, derive their floor area needs and the value-add potential of the properties, and take measures to raise that potential. These focus on letting vacant units, converting and upgrading existing buildings, and on the subsequent densification of plots by adding new buildings. Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to bolster the productivity of our tenants.

For our investors, we will compile business plans for each property, handle the reporting end, and monitor the financing and payment transactions. Our tasks include the contract management as much as the control and supervision of operative service providers. Throughout all of this, we keep an eye on potential cost cuts and on optimising the maintenance planning and the energy supply. Depending on the market development, BEOS will also verify exit strategies, check refinancing options, and manage their implementation.