Project development – sustainably tapping new potential uses

With over 25 years of development experience, BEOS AG oversees the transformation of vacant industrial sites into modern corporate real estate, from commercial parks to logistics properties. It also creates more usable space through the systematic further development of sites.

From the revitalisation of historic industrial sites to building in existing structures

BEOS focuses on three key aspects during project development: (1) the revitalisation (or refurbishment) of ageing existing sites, (2) further development, involving, for example, extra storeys and new buildings on sealed but unused open spaces, and (3) the development of sustainable commercial districts offering a high quality of urban life for employees and neighbours alike.

Revitalisation – from industrial wasteland to the campus solution

As part of our core business comprising the capital-preserving redevelopment and conversion of brownfield buildings, we have already repositioned more than XX projects and enabled numerous companies to relocate to well-established sites.


The first step here is the search for potential sites. We draw up feasibility analyses and look for suitable tenants. With their operational processes and the costs kept firmly in view, we create new uses for former industrial areas. In order to create a varied tenant structure on the revitalised sites, we favour a campus-style approach.


BEOS AG is one of the few medium-sized real estate companies in Germany to offer all levels of value creation. Our focus is on creating environmentally and cost-conscious urban neighbourhoods with optimum production and working conditions for companies. An important aspect of our work is wherever possible and feasible to preserve existing buildings and enhance their energy efficiency rather than releasing large amounts of grey energy through demolition and rebuilding.

GIESSEREI in Garching

On the 2.5 hectare site of a former aluminium foundry not far from the Garching Research Centre, a modern commercial campus is being built. Here, where light metal was primarily processed for the automotive industry from 1977 to 2016, the future tenants of GIESSEREI Garching will benefit from flexible space concepts that encourage innovation and offer a great feel-good factor.


FRANKFURT WESTSIDE in Frankfurt-Griesheim has its origins as far back as the 1850s, when the manufacture of chemical products began there. In recent years, however, chemical production in the industrial quarter has been gradually discontinued, so that many buildings on the site are now unused.

“Glinnkamp” industrial park in Glinde near Hamburg

The business park, which was built in several construction phases from 1972 to 2019, is located in the infrastructurally well-connected business park of Glinde, a town with approximately 18,000 inhabitants just beyond the eastern city limits of Hamburg.


Further development – realising untapped space potential

In earlier decades, the idea of using space efficiently was not as prevalent as it is today. As a result, there are many sealed but unused open spaces on corporate real estate and other commercial property sites. In addition to the transformation of existing buildings, BEOS therefore carries out targeted further development measures. The new buildings blend seamlessly into the overall appearance of the site.


With our approach, we develop the new properties as flexibly as possible with maximum use reversibility by planning sufficient floor depth, ceiling height and floor loads. This enables the properties to be used for decades to come without the need for demolition and rebuilding.


The current highlight among our further development projects is “FRANKFURT WESTSIDE” in Frankfurt am Main, where we are developing a total of 470 000 square metres of additional usable space. We are very keen to re-seal as little space as possible and instead to develop high-quality open spaces and communal areas where employees and visitors enjoy spending time.

Commercial area “Zeughof” in the middle of Berlin in the district Kreuzberg

The commercial ensemble on Zeughofstraße consists of eleven building sections with a total lettable area of approx. 53,000 m². 40 per cent of this is available as hall, production and storage space and 60 per cent is used as office space.

ROTRI business park on Schnackenburgallee in Hamburg

The ROTRI business park is located in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld in the Schnackenburgallee business park approx. 7 km west of Hamburg city centre. The commercial park has a plot size of approx. 34,500 m². The two associated building complexes are divided into a fully modernised existing building and a new building with modern architecture and space design suitable for third party use.

Modern “Karlspark Technology Centre Business Park” in Karlsruhe

The Karlspark Technology Centre is located in the centre of Knielingen, a district in the west of Karlsruhe. The mature industrial park has been an integral part of the Karlsruhe economic region since 1960 and consists of 13 buildings with office, research, manufacturing and storage uses.

Neighbourhoods – when the working world becomes a living environment

In order for a commercial park or life science property to grow into an urban neighbourhood, everyone needs to be involved. This requires very long-term planning on the part of the project management and constant curation during operation. In keeping with the spirit of the BEOSphere, we invite all those working or spending time on the respective sites to participate actively in their design. We also open up our commercial properties to the outside world, thereby literally breaking down structural barriers by creating green spaces, open spaces and other meeting places as well as catering, cultural and leisure facilities and organising neighbourhood events and other individual activities.

The Carlswerk in Cologne Mülheim

The Carlswerk is located in the Cologne-Mülheim district on the right bank of the Rhine and has an area of approx. 126,000 m² with more than 20 buildings dating back over 100 years. Since the acquisition of the property from nkt cables in 2008, the buildings have been converted into high-quality office lofts and flexible hall and storage space for commercial, service, leisure and production purposes.

“Q-West” commercial quarter on Lise-Meitner-Strasse in Maisach-Gernlinden

The Q-West commercial quarter in Maisach-Gernlinden was built in 2001 on the spacious site of the South German Societäts-Druckerei and is located northwest of Munich. The total site area is around 37,700 m², the lettable area approx. 21,730 m². The quarter is in very good condition and is also visually impressive due to the complete glazing of individual facades.


On the approximately 28,000 m² site in the middle of Berlin, there is an office building with an area of approx. 3,500 m² as well as a cold storage hall with an area of approx. 13,000 m². A modern commercial campus – the Berlin Decks – will be built at the long-standing production site in the coming years.

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