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Hidden optimisation potential for corporates

Managing, producing, researching, distributing – the diversity of the economy entails high demand for space for the relevant properties. Many corporates – from medium-sized companies to corporate groups – are still relying on real estate ownership, frequently due to tradition or for emotional reasons. However, this does not make economic sense, as space requirements are changing ever more rapidly and owner-occupied corporate real estate is increasingly becoming a hindrance. Real estate ownership ties up capital and human resources – both of which corporates should instead be investing in their core business. 

We understand the mindset of corporates and respond professionally to the requirements for the handling of their real estate – with as much freedom as they wish and the security they need:


  • Operational freedom: corporates concentrate their capacities on their core business instead of having to perform additional real estate-related tasks.
  • Financial freedom: corporates release the capital previously tied up in real estate and use it for future-oriented investments in their core business.
  • Freedom in terms of space: corporates are flexible when their space needs to increase or decrease.
  • Freedom in terms of time: individual contractual solutions offer corporates needs-based rental periods.

Our solutions for more freedom

Selling property frees up liquidity for the core business and creates flexibility in terms of space, costs and resources.

Through a sale-and-lease-back transaction, corporates can free up equity tied up in real estate and continue to use the real estate for as long as they need it. The approaches we have developed go beyond pure financing solutions and encompass long-term cooperation on the site in a spirit of partnership.

Custom build-to-suit developments are possible without any developer risk for corporates. Both new construction developments and the revitalisation of existing space are covered by BEOS.

For corporates that do not wish to sell their properties but to have them developed professionally, we design joint ventures adapted to individual requirements.

Real estate managed professionally by us enables corporates to reduce the burden on their own team and (corporate real estate) management so that they can focus more on their core business. This service applies exclusively to the portfolio we manage, not to third-party properties.

Reference properties

The Carlswerk in Cologne Mülheim

The Carlswerk is located in the Cologne-Mülheim district on the right bank of the Rhine and has an area of approx. 126,000 m² with more than 20 buildings dating back over 100 years. Since the acquisition of the property from nkt cables in 2008, the buildings have been converted into high-quality office lofts and flexible hall and storage space for commercial, service, leisure and production purposes.

Air Tech Campus Oberpfaffenhofen

The special airport Oberpfaffenhofen is a project of BEWO Oberpfaffenhofen GmbH, a joint venture of BEOS AG and TRIWO AG. The overall property offers space for research, production, storage/service, aircraft hangar and offices.


On the approximately 28,000 m² site in the middle of Berlin, there is an office building with an area of approx. 3,500 m² as well as a cold storage hall with an area of approx. 13,000 m². A modern commercial campus – the Berlin Decks – will be built at the long-standing production site in the coming years.

We have the necessary real estate expertise to work for corporates in all sectors, from high-tech to traditional heavy industry.


Find an overview of all our properties here (German)

We think ahead – beyond the world of real estate

In order to keep an eye on relevant trends and innovations at all times and provide corporates with comprehensive and long-term advice, we look beyond the world of real estate every day and engage in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders. True to our vision, the BEOSphere, we firmly believe that we can only shape a better future together.


It is for this reason that, together with bulwiengesa AG, we have launched the corporate real estate initiative and are also founding partners of the Future District Alliance in which we discuss the districts of tomorrow with Fraunhofer IAO and numerous other companies across all sectors. In addition to social, legal and urban planning factors, sustainability criteria also play a major role in our considerations.


We demonstrate on a daily basis that ESG also remains close to our hearts well beyond the environmental field – as we at BEOS are all ESG managers. Read more here about how we wish to make the corporate real estate segment even more sustainable.

Do you have any questions? Please contact one of our advisors.

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