Our Passion: Unternehmensimmobilien

Rethinking workplaces.

Mixed-use industrial real estate offers very different companies room to develop. While in conventional commercial property, single uses such as ‘office’, ‘retail’ or ‘logistics’ are the norm, mixed-use industrial properties house a variety of activities from administration to production, storage, repairs, trading, research and exhibitions. Moreover, they are usually planned so flexibly that they can be converted to a new use at any time as required.

At €1.100 billion, the market value of mixed-use industrial real estate is higher than that of office, retail and hotel real estate put together. Nevertheless, it is rarely represented in investors’ portfolios. Wrongly, in our opinion. In the past 20 years, the dividends achieved with mixed-use industrial real estate has been about 200 basis points higher than other types of use, while its volatility was lower. Even in these uncertain times for property markets, mixed-use industrial real estate has proven to be a growth market that remains unperturbed by cyclical fluctuations.

We recognised the potential of industrial real estate early on and developed a separate investment strategy for this market segment. We’ve already done away with one paradigm in the process – the idea that high returns require great risks.

In 2013, BEOS co-founded the ‘Initiative Unternehmensimmobilien’ in order to regularly publish updated market information about this new asset class in Germany.