Investing with BEOS AG

It´s not all about Location, location, location!

Both tenants and investors benefit from our corporate real estate

Corporate real estate (Unternehmensimmobilien) is not only one of the fastest growing segments in the German real estate investment market, it is also one of the most stable in terms of value retention. For many years, institutional investors either failed to include any corporate real estate in their portfolios, or didn’t give the segment the attention it deserves. And this was despite the fact that the segment’s risk-reward profile is typically far more attractive than that of "classic" investment properties, such as office and retail.

BEOS AG became the first provider and market leader for corporate real estate in Germany with the launch of its first special fund for corporate real estate, BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany I (CREFG I) in October 2010. The fund’s gross assets now total approximately EUR 620 million. CREFG I was completely invested in just two and a half years and has paid out almost 7.0 percent each year since its launch. In early 2018, the fund’s investors approved a unit certificate transaction to release the fund’s hidden reserves, which had been built up in addition to the high annual distributions. Accordingly, in November 2018, rather than selling the properties themselves, all of the fund’s investors sold their unit certificates to new investors represented by Helaba Invest. The fund continues to exist as before and BEOS AG continues to provide asset management services for the fund’s portfolio properties.

In December 2012, BEOS AG launched its second special fund, BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany II (CREFG II), which today has gross fund assets of around EUR 890 million. In 2020, investors decided to extend the fund’s initial 10-year term by up to a further 10 years.

The next fund, BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany III, followed in September 2015. The initial launch volume of almost EUR 1.1 billion was raised to EUR 1.45 billion following a capital increase in the summer of 2018.

The CREFG I-III open-ended real estate special AIFs are all managed by INTREAL Service-KVG.

With a target volume of EUR 1.1 billion and placed equity of EUR 680 million, BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany IV is the first BEOS special fund launched by Swiss Life KVG. In November 2018, the fund acquired a launch portfolio, investing around two thirds of the new fund’s target volume.

In 2016, BEOS Value Investment Fund Germany I (BVIFG I) provided German institutional investors with an opportunity to enter the corporate real estate value chain at an earlier stage, thus allowing them to benefit from the real estate’s repositioning by BEOS AG.